Final artist for our all-female month, is probably one of those artist in your inspirations list. Although she’s very busy with all her commercial works,the Dutch digital artist and animator, Lois van Baarle or Loish managed to share in an interview her craft as an artist.


  • Tell us something about your art style, how did  you came up with it and what do you love most about it.
Loish: My art style is very feminine, and a mixture of art nouveau, disney and anime influences. The focus is strongly on colors – I try to use bright, evocative colors that create a dream-like mood.
  • What would be the hardest part of keeping your art style, (If there’s any) and how do you deal with clients requests without compromising on your art style?
Loish: My art style is a lot about creating a painterly look, and sometimes due to time/budget constraints, it’s not always possible to take that to the level I’d like. I try to develop faster and more sketchy techniques that still capture the same atmosphere.
  • Do you have a personal favorite among your works? Please share something about it.
Loish: My personal favorite changes all the time depending on my recent works. Right now I’m really happy with this one 
 I like the blend of more contemporary fashion style with a more classic painting approach.
  • Of all the commercial works you are doing, do you have a project which you loved the most?
Loish: My favorite commercial work that I’ve been involved in was the Man+Dog coca-cola spot character designs I did for Psyop. More info here 1
  • Share some of your influences or fellow artist/s whom you admire and if you would be given a chance to collaborate with one (or two) who would be and what would the project be?
Loish: One of my favorite artists right now is Andrew Hem. His work is very inspiring to me, but the idea of a collaboration makes me really nervous, so I don’t know if I would like to do that!
  • What annoys you the most when you are working for commercial works (or any work) and how do you manage it?
Loish: The most frustrating thing about commercial works are the time constraints. When I do my own thing, I can change my technique or explore different options based on what I feel works well. For commercial work, there’s not a lot of room to experiment.
  • If you would visit Philippines, where would be the best spot where Loish will be found?
No idea, I’ve never been to the Phillipines! I would probably prefer sitting on a beautiful beach somewhere though. 
  • There are multimedia arts students who will read this, what would you tell them if they’re fretting about their art style?
Don’t fret too much – just draw something you really love, and enjoy the process. Your style will grow from there!
Want more about Loish? visit her website and if you have questions for her check out her FAQ page

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