Weekly Featured Artist


Margaret Morales, a 25 year old UX designer and watercolor artist from Manila, Philippines. She holds a degree in Fine Arts major in Visual Communication which she took at the University of the Philippines Diliman.


  • Your illustrations look partly realism and cartoon, please tell us more about your art style?
M:I would say my art style is more of free-flowing, I like curved lines and soft edges that’s why women, flora and fauna are my usual subjects. I also like to experiment on colors, textures and patterns as sometimes I discover a new style while doing so. Japanese culture (anime and manga) has a huge influence on my art as well. I prefer to draw faces that are not entirely realistic and compose subjects that are mostly fantasy or dream-like.
  • aside from watercolor do you have other mediums you love to use when drawing? How do you maintain the same art styles with different mediums?
M:I also use acrylic and graphite, though I use watercolor more often as for me it’s easier to control. I like to explore new methods of drawing and painting so sticking to a specific art style is quite a challenge for me. Though currently, I constantly draw faces/subjects in a particular way even if my painting application change with the paper or material/medium I use.
  • so far in all your works (I must say are pretty amazing), which one is your most favorite. Please share a little background of the work
M:I’m not sure if I have a favorite but I think the artwork I like the most is “Make a Wish”, the one published in Graphika Manila 2015 book.
I love how the colors turned out and it clearly speaks out my current art style. When I produce paintings, they either came from a dream or from random objects I found in the internet or around the places I have visited. I create stories out of the significance of those objects which help me compose and imagine the entire artwork. 
  •  Can you name artists/personalities who serve as your inspiration?
M:To name a few, I really love the works of Audrey Kawasaki, Loish and Kidchan. They just never cease to amaze and inspire me to think of different ways to color, compose and create paintings.
  •  What are your plans for your career as of the moment?
M:Growth is very important to me and luckily my current work as a UX designer allows me to explore and learn new things in the Information Technology and Design field. I love problem solving so designing is always a part of me. At the same time, I’ll continue pursuing my love for watercolor. Painting is something I can never give up as it gives me freedom and a sense of achievement. I’d love to create art, teach and inspire other people to do the same so hopefully in the future (if I get lucky enough :D) I could make a full-time career out of it.
For more of Margaret’s works, visit her website.

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